Saturday, April 30, 2011

Whine and Cheese, Anyone?

Okay, everyone, go grab your cheese, because it's time for another whine.  Today was one of those "I hate being single" days, so I am going to vent here.

We own one of those "well, it seemed like a good idea at the time" electric lawn mowers.  It's the kind with no cord, just a rechargeable battery.  The battery is integrated into the mower itself, and can't be removed for charging, nor changed by the owner, and it takes 12+ hours to charge the battery.  It has to be plugged in while being stored between mowings, or it loses whatever charge it has. Our only outdoor outlet is on the front porch, which is not a suitable storage place for the mower for a multitude of reasons.  So during the winter, it lives in the basement.  It weighs 70 lbs., so once it is brought up for mowing season, it remains up, plugged into an outlet in the breakfast room or living room. 

Four years after buying the mower, the battery will now hold a charge for approximately 10 minutes.  It takes a minimum of a half hour to mow our yard, when it has been mowed recently.  The first mowing of the season always takes longer.  We have not had two days in a row when it hasn't rained, so only part of our lawn has been mowed so far this season, and that part is now almost knee deep again, sigh.

Today is mowing weather. I had a meltdown, knowing that this weather would be wasted, because I own a relatively useless mower. 

Okay, this story is getting long.  I won't even get into the issue with the shed, but it wasn't pretty and added to my meltdown.  Let's just fast forward to the fact that I decided to buy a new mower.  But that necessitated borrowing money from a relative, who thought that if she lent me the money, she should also dictate what type of mower I purchase.  (For the record, she advocates the use of electric mowers, the kind with a cord.  My 14-year-old son is not very observant;  thus, I find that a rather electrifying proposition, and I nixed it.)  Off to Walmart we went, and I bought the cheapest gas-powered mower I could find.

We brought the mower home and had to ask a neighbor to help my son with it.  And the shed?  It doesn't have doors at the moment.  That meant I also humbled myself and asked a friend from church if he could maybe take a look at it sometime and see if he can replace the doors.  Oh, and dinner...  thought about burgers on the grill, but it isn't working either.  So I also asked my friend if he can check that out for me.  And in the meantime, we eat something else.

I'm tired.  I'm beyond tired. This homeowner stuff is getting to me.  Being a single mom is getting to me.  Oh yeah, and needing to ask men for help is really getting to me. 

I have discovered that I have an issue with asking men for help.  Another long story, for another time.

You know what?  All I want is a husband.  Someone who can help me without me needing to feel guilty for asking.  Someone who, even when he is too busy to help, can at least listen to me when I am frustrated by circumstances.  Or better yet, someone who can hold me and let me cry when I am so tired that I could just drop, like now.

Okay, I am finished.  I hope you enjoyed your cheese, because the whine seems to be finished as well.  :-)