Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I Want to Remarry

Why do I want to remarry?  I've been asked this question by a wide variety of people, from my mom to married friends to happily single friends and relatives.  So here is my attempt at an answer.

Let me preface this by saying that if God doesn't want me to be married again, if He doesn't connect me with a man He has picked out for me, then I don't want to remarry.  I might have to fight discontentment more often if I remain single, but I will fight it, because above all else, I want to be in the place where God can best use me.

But if my desire to remarry is from Him, then in no certain order, these are some of the reasons why I want to remarry.

I want to be married because I believe that I can serve God more effectively if married.  I know that Paul says that those who aren't married can serve Him better, but Paul isn't referring to single parents.  A partner in parenting would free me up to serve.

The flip side of that is that I am a good mom.  If I were to marry a man who has children, I would be able to serve him and his children by easing some of the burden that a single father has, from cooking meals and taking care of household matters, to providing one more loving adult for his children to relate to .  If my remarriage is of God, we would also be able to model a healthy Christian marriage to our children, who may not have seen this in our previous marriages.

I also want to be married because I function well as a help-mate for a husband.  I am most fulfilled when I am serving the husband God has given me.

I want to be married because there are certain aspects of marriage that I really miss, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual intimacy.

I want to remarry because I miss backrubs and kissing and holding hands and slow dancing and somebody to keep me warm at night.

I want to remarry because I miss having someone to discuss politics and religion and current events and the books we are reading and what we are learning.  I want someone who is willing to explore and learn alongside of me and my children.

I want to remarry because I miss hearing "I love you," and those private little sweet nothings that a couple whispers to one another.  I miss having someone lock eyes with me across a room and we both know what the other one is thinking.  I miss having someone melt my heart with his smile.

I want to remarry because I enjoy having a spiritual "head" in my household.  I like being under the protection of a godly man.  Nothing would thrill me more than to find a man who is willing to study the Bible and pray with me!

On a very selfish note, I want to remarry because being a single homeowner is hard work.  It's expensive and I am not very handy.  It would be nice to have someone to share that burden.

So what kind of man do I want to remarry?  I think I will save that for my next post, but rest assured, if God wants me to remarry, He will provide a man who is exactly what I need!

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Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

Dearest Heavenly Father,
I pray that you would give Denise the desires of her heart for all of the reasons she posted above. They are all glorifying to You, Lord!

In your Most Holy Name,