Friday, December 31, 2010

The Perfect Man

As promised, I am going to share what I would like in a potential future husband.  Lest anyone misunderstand, this is NOT a "Wanted" poster, nor a classified ad.  This is just a list of some of the traits I have come to admire in men I know.  Some of them are negotiable, some of them are not.  Some are just preferences, others are requirements.  Disclaimer complete.  Here goes my list of what the perfect man (for me) would be like.

The perfect man would above all, love the Lord our God with all his heart (emotionally), all his soul (spiritually), all his mind (intellectually) and all his strength (physically).   This is non-negotiable.  I realize that nobody is perfect, but if a man isn't striving for this level of devotion to and relationship with God, he may as well not waste his time on me.  We would be headed in two different directions.

This implies that he will know God well, both on a personal level and an intellectual level.  He would be a man who reads his Bible daily and spends time in prayer.

His family would be high on the list of his priorities.  Honestly, the men I am most attracted to are those who are involved dads.  I have a special soft spot for single dads who have 50% or more custody of their kids.

Along those same lines, if he is divorced, he will be someone who fought for his marriage.  His divorce would be on biblical grounds (adultery or abandonment by a non-believing spouse), but he won't be someone who gave up on his marriage without first trying to make it work in every way he knew how.  As a side note, if for some reason, he was divorced for non-biblical reasons, my understanding of scripture is that he is also free to remarry if his ex-wife has remarried.

The perfect man will be a man who takes his responsibilities seriously, one who works hard at whatever he does, and does it well. 

He will be a man who is able to communicate and be honest in his communication.

He will be a man who respects women and appreciates the differences between men and women.

The perfect man will not be afraid to be the head of his household, even if it means he must occasionally make an unpopular decision.  But he will also be willing to hear what those affected by his decisions have to say before making his decisions.

On a lighter note, one of my preferences is for a man who enjoys contemporary Christian music.  (I despise country music, so if God brings a man who likes that kind of music into my life, He will have to change me, LOL!)  My kids and I enjoy our annual vacation to a Christian music festival, so it would be helpful if I were to marry someone who also would enjoy that.  Oh, and since that festival is held at an amusement park, a love of roller coasters would be especially helpful, too.  :-)

I would also prefer a man who doesn't mind camping, who enjoys exploring different historical sites and museums, and who knows how to play and is patient enough to teach me the games and activities he enjoys if I don't already know them.

And on the totally frivolous list, I'd like a man who is comfortable with public speaking, has an easy voice to listen to, and has eyes that I can get lost in.  If he can give good backrubs, that is a definite plus!

Am I asking for too much?  Only time will tell.  :-)


Loving Our Homeschool said...

I'm curious as to why you want a man who is comfortable with public speaking. Do you want to be co-speakers at events?

Loving Our Homeschool said...

Oh, and you can like different kinds of music and not force one another to listen. I know this from experience. :) Although my DH is extremely easy going & does not demand his own way (think 1 Corinth. 13), which is a character trait that I highly cherish.

Denise Houser said...

Heather, it's funny, but that trait just sort of popped into my head. So I gave it some thought, and here is what I've come up with. I think a man who is comfortable with public speaking is a man who doesn't worry too much about what others think of him. He is a man who can allow God to speak through him with confidence. Also, since I enjoy public speaking, it would be great if my husband did as well, in case the opportunity to use that skill in a ministry capacity would open up someday!

As for the music, I see what you mean. :-)