Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Maybe I can blame it on the rampant teenaged hormones in my house (my three oldest children are 16, 14, and 12....and no, it isn't nearly as bad as it sounds, usually), or maybe it's just me, but I miss kissing.  Actually, it may be genetic, considering the behavior of two of my older female relatives recently.

Yesterday my aunt, who is a never-married 69-year-old, and my mom, who is almost 72 and divorced, took my kids and me out to lunch at a local inn that has a buffet.  While in line, the two of them started chatting with a man in line behind them .  When they returned to the table, my mom said to my aunt, "He seems to be all alone.  You should've invited him to join us."  To which my aunt replied, "I should have. He is one nice-looking man!"  At this point, all four of my kids shrank in their seats, while I twisted in my seat to see if I could get a better look at the subject of the discussion.  For what it''s worth, since we didn't invite him to join us, he WAS nice-looking, he WASN'T wearing a wedding band, and he appeared to be about my age.

Near the end of the meal, my oldest son's 14-year-old hormones took over and he was ogling the waitress, who indicated that she was a college sophomore.  I don't think she was ogling back.  But you see, it seems to be a family problem, this attraction to the opposite sex.

At any rate, I miss kissing badly enough that I may have to skip the New Year's Eve get-together I was invited to.  It is being hosted by my friend who has a wonderfully mushy relationship with her husband, and I honestly don't think I can stand several hours of their stolen kisses and lovey dovey looks.  Not this year.

In the meantime, I am wondering if I could get away with one of those hats with the attached contraption that holds a piece of mistletoe out in front of the wearer...

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