Thursday, June 23, 2011

Attitude Adjustment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you realize that you are guilty of the same thing you faulted someone else for?

A while ago, I gently chided a male friend for lumping all women into one category and not trusting any of them.

Yesterday, it hit me that I am just as bad.  I tend to lump all men into the same category and expect them to disappoint me.

I realize that these are lessons we have learned through experience,  and obviously my friend has had at least one and possibly many experiences where women proved to be untrustworthy.  I have had many experiences where men said they'd do something, then never carried through, leaving me disappointed.

But a funny thing happened.  The friend who doesn't trust women promised to fix something for me.  And he did, in a timely fashion, no less.  So it seems that some men can be trusted not to disappoint, to carry through on their word. 

I am working on adjusting my assumptions about men disappointing me.  I hope my friend has some positive experiences so he can adjust his thinking about women being untrustworthy.

How do you need to adjust your thinking about the opposite sex?

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