Monday, May 2, 2011

The Well-Guarded Heart

What does a well-guarded heart look like?

In my head, I see a big, fat, red cartoon-style heart surrounded by thick stone walls, like those of a castle, and a moat.  There is one place in the wall with a drawbridge, and on the opposite side of the moat, where the bridge would drop down, I see two small guard-houses.  Two guards dressed in full body armor and holding spears stand guard.

But I don't like this picture.  The heart looks so lonely, walled off from human contact, with the guards making the determination of who gets in and who gets out.

So what does a well-guarded heart look like? 

Does a person whose heart is well-guarded never feel anything for anyone of the opposite sex?  Does he or she somehow manage to cut off all attraction, or is it more a case of constant vigilance and self-denial?

And how does the owner of a well-guarded heart know when to let the drawbridge down?

Does she have those who might wish to win her heart fill out an application?  Does she have a tournament where her guards challenge the applicant?  Does she interview him?

I just can't figure out what people mean when they tell me to "guard my heart!"

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