Monday, January 9, 2012

An Open Letter to Married Men

Allow me to be blunt:  If you are a married man,  you should NOT be flirting with me.  Let me clarify:  If you are a married man and you put the moves on me, do you really expect me to respond positively?  My husband cheated on me, so do you honestly think that I will be impressed by a married man who flirts with other women?  Really?  Do you think I'm that stupid, that desperate? 

Let me note, this is not addressed to any one specific man, but rather to the several married men who have tried to start something with me in the past few years, to the men who thought because I wasn't wearing a wedding ring, I would be flattered by their attention.

Admittedly, when I was still reeling from the shock of finding out about my husband's affair and his leaving, I was more vulnerable.  I sucked up that attention like a kid slurping the last bit of a chocolate milkshake out of the glass.

But no more.  I am not stupid.  If you, as a married man, will behave that way with me, a woman who is not your wife,  why on earth would I want to get involved with you?  You've already clearly demonstrated your inability to be faithful.  I've already been there, done that with a cheating husband, and I am not signing up for that root canal again!

So take my advice:  stop flirting with me.  You aren't doing me a favor.  You certainly aren't doing your wife a favor.  And quite honestly, you are making yourself look like a pathetic cheating jerk, so you aren't doing yourself a favor.

That's all.  Putting my soapbox away.   

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