Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cure for Cynicism

I have a tendency to become cynical about men, especially when I have to deal with my ex-husband.  So yesterday, I was a prime candidate for cynicism.

However, it seems that everytime I start to slide in that direction, God calls me up short by placing someone in my path who demonstrates that good men do indeed exist.  Yesterday, it was an old friend from my past - an old boyfriend, in fact.

This man is separated from his wife, and has been for several years.  Yet he hasn't given up on his marriage and divorced her.  I have to admire that.  It isn't easy to live in the limbo of separation, having none of the benefits of the marriage relationship, yet not being free to pursue a new relationship. 

Even more, I have to admire this man's stance on his marital status.  He was unapologetic about the fact that he is a married man, and any type of romantic relationship is out of the question.  (Lest any of my readers think that I was pursuing such a relationship with him, that was NOT the context in which he made this clear to me.  I wasn't at all confused about the fact that he IS married, and thus unavailable to me.)

Furthermore, my friend has made attempts to reconcile with his wife and get counseling to improve their marriage.  When she opted out of these attempts, he went on to improve himself through counseling and reading to gain an understanding of how marriages should work.  Very impressive!

It is good, every now and then, for me to be reminded that good men do indeed exist.  It's even nicer when they turn out to be old friends.  :-)

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