Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Goal-with-a-Capital-G

You know that annoying woman in Proverbs 31, the perfect one who makes the rest of us look bad?   I think I've figured out part of her secret.  (No, not the part about being a good wife.  I'll work on that another time.  ;-) )  I think part of her secret was this:  She was very deliberate about what she did.

Recently, I have been very deliberate about how I parent.  I know what my Goal-with-a-capital-G is for my family.  And as long as I keep this Goal in mind, parenting my teens (and almost-teen) is not the struggle it is when I lose sight of the Goal.

My Goal?  To glorify God by raising my children to be productive adults who will be equipped to also glorify Him with their lives.

So when you see me doing something as a parent that seems wrong, or even just not quite what you would do, please don't hesitate to ask me why I am doing it.  In fact, don't hesitate to challenge me to explain to you how it will further my Goal. 

Chances are good that I will be able to meet that challenge, because if I have learned anything from that perfect woman in Proverbs 31, it is to be deliberate.  And if I can't answer you, then I know that it is time for me to fix my eyes on my Goal once more, so you will have done me a favor by directing me back to what really matters.

And someday, when my children are all grown, I hope to be able to see God smile as He tells me, "Well done!  You have accomplished your Goal, and I am pleased!"


Missy said...

I hope your silence means you are active and happy in real life!

Steve Schappell said...

The last time I saw a Capital G was on a hill outside Geneva College...